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Kwidditch Application by Tonomo Kwidditch Application by Tonomo
Basic Information ►

Name: Tor Moorbrook
Nicknames: Tor
Nationality: Swedish/Scottish.

Sex: Female.
Gender: Boy.
Birthday: February 18th
Age: 16

Physical Information ►

Ethnicity: Scandinavian/white

Height: 164cm/5''5
Weight: 60kg/130lbs 

School Information ►

House: Ravenclaw
Year: 6
Blood status: Muggleborn

Wand: Willow / Unicornhair / 10inches / Unyielding 

Electives: Study of ancient runes, Care of Magical creatures. 
Extra-curricular: Art, Ghoul studies, Music. 

  • Name: Overklig (Ove)
  • Species: Cat
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Surprisingly cuddly for being a cat, will let you rub her belly. Follows Tor around the castle constantly- only to then disappear for a few hours now and then. He gets quite spooked when this happens.

Personality ►

Personality: Prone to anger, but have gotten better at managing his anger in later years. Sarcastic. Rude to people he know and love, a sweetheart to most strangers. If you've annoyed him he'll be very passive aggressive, for example if you sit next to eachother - switches seat.

Unless you know him you would probably think he is a pretty cool guy. Sweet, polite. Your mother would probably like him. However, if you are his friend, you will realize he is just a salty and rude as heck boy.

He sees himself as the later option, ofcourse. Thinks he is trash- except for when he thinks he is amazing. It kinda switches around, y'kno? On one hand, he thinks he is an awful human being. On the other- he thinks he is the BEST. The most amazing person ever. His reasoning behind that is that his cat loves him atleast; she loves everyone though.

But she is one of the things he care about and love. Overklig and art- and maybe music. He isn't as passionate about music as he is about art (Wishes to become a tattoo artist). Music he simply enjoys to play because, well, it sounds good. But art, woah, that's what he want to work with when he 'grows up'.

In his sparetime he prepares for said topics by constantly drawing - and petting his cat. He is kinda lowkey forgetting his homework 90% of the time.

Likes:  (at least 3)
- His cat<3
- His violin
- His ukulele
- His books
- His artsupplies
- When it isn't too sunny outside because when it is too bright he sneezes.

Dislikes: (at least 3)
- Tomatoes/Bananas/onions/mushrooms
- People who disrespect people for things they cannot change.
- The fact that his cat stays up all night and stares at stuff. pls. no.

History ►


 Andreas Moorbrook. | Father | Muggle | 48 | IT-guy 
 Sandra Moorbrook. | Sister | Muggle | 14 | Student. 

Tor was born in Sweden, a town in the north, during winter. He spent his first few years here, however when his sister was born they moved to scotland - the whole family, including mum who is not listed in 'family' for reasons that will be explained. They still spoke swedish at home, which is why he sometimes yell at people in swedish when they have pissed him off. (sorry.) They lived a fairly normal life in a small village in Scotland, and then the weiiiirddd stuff started happening. When his sister was annoying the heck out of him once, age 6 and 4, his dad caught on camera how Tor just started yelling and Sandras hair just-- fell out of her head

That was the only big magic-accident that had happened when he was young, that his parents noticed, but he did have stuff float around in his room now and then. Atleast that's what his silly 8y/o mind thought. He would look at a book he wanted to read that was accross the room, make an irritated face, and roll over in bed out of frustration of having to get up- and then when he looked again that goshdarn book was on his nightstand. holy heck.

He almost thought he was going crazy as a tiny 11 y/o when one of the teachers came to their house in February, with a letter that he obsessively read as his parents talked to the teacher. This explained everything! 

On september 1st his family went all the way to London with him, dropped him off feeling kinda weirded out by the magical people, with badly put together muggleoutfits. It felt like they sent him off to a cult, to be honest.

Just saying, he got extremely frustrated when he realized the train went up to scotland, then to the highlands--- they could've just droven there but nooo... had to go to London..

But that whole first year he was amazed, did all his homework, generally enjoyed life. Magic homework is so cool!! new friends are cool!! life is completely ok!! 

However, as the years went on he generally stopped doing his homework. Not because he thought it was boring, he is just a lazy procrastinator. He still loved every minute of school, every moment. The wizarding world had completely captured his heart, it's "weird" culture, it's language, everything. He simply adores it.

Nothing special happened in his life until he was around 14, when his parents had a really bad splitup, and when the court tried to decide who got the kids his mum did not even go to trial. This is why she is no longer listed as a familymember to him, because he could not care less about her. She didn't even try to keep her children, so to him she is nothing anymore. This does not affect him as much as his father seem to think.

But now he is 16, and he is ready as heck to go to school, not do his homework, and learn more magic that will not help him in his future tattooing carreer. 

Extra Information ►

Fun facts:
  • Asexual/Panromantic
  • INTP
  • Loves to play games when at home.
  • Is allergic to cats but still loves Overklig. She is worth the occasional snotty nose.
  • Misses sweden and all its snow, but he still goes there now and then. Usually during summer, sadly.
  • wants to do makeup but is too lazy
  • He is extremely terrified of eyes glowing in the dark. He'll get a panic attack. All because of the irongiant movie, that terrified him when he was just a wee boy. He knows it is a dumb fear, but that won't stop him from almost yelling when Ove is staring at him in the middle of the night.
  • Stays at school over the holidays because he loves the school, and because going back to London, then Scotland, then London again to then go back to Scotland... No thanks. He could have probably figured out a better way to get to and from the school but the whole train ride became very important to him after the first two years. 

OOC Information ►

Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
RP Methods: Discord
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